Landscape Info

This page contains landscape information for San Marco II at Venetian Golf & River Club Condominium Association, Inc. (San Marco II). Click on the document name to see/print it or right-mouse-click to download.

Landscape Service Requests

LMP stresses the importance of transparent two-way communications to ensure a high degree of homeowner satisfaction. To that end, homeowners are encouraged to submit service requests through LMP’s Client Portal using the following steps:
1. Go to the LMP Client Portal at
2. Click on Sarasota Branch – Submit Request.
3. On the next page, click on San Marco II COA.
4. On the next page, identify yourself, and describe your issue.

These requests will be routed to the appropriate department at LMP. Homeowners are guaranteed an email response from LMP within 24 hours. Our board and our landscaping committee will also receive LMP’s response along with any other follow-up emails from LMP regarding the service request.

Note: If you are unable to submit your service request online for any reason, please call in your request to LMP at (941) 556-9404. If your issue is an emergency, please call (877) LMPPRO1.

Landscaping Committee

Our Landscaping Committee could use your help and input. If you’d like to join in, please email Jan at or call her at 508-847-7889. Our Landscaping Committee members are:

  • Jan Tkaczyk (117 Mestre)
  • Mary Zvara (498 Montelluna)
  • Pam Greer (478 Montelluna)
  • Jim Bouquet (469 Montelluna)

  • Schedules

    Maintenance Quality Inspection (MQI) Reports

    This report is prepared monthly by LMP and gives a quality rating of 1 -10 for our various landscaping components. It will allow us to track overall landscaping improvements over time, while also highlighting specific deficiencies for each home that may have gone unreported by the homeowner.

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